Summer Camp Dates and Location

July 7,  2024  to  July 13, 2024

Lions Camp Pride 

New Durham, NH

Residential Camp Eligibility Criteria

Youth who attend Camp EXSIGHTING Adventures' residential camp must possess the following in order to participate:

·       Are between the ages of 9 - 17 

·       They have a visual impairment. 

·       They must be able to feed, cloth, bathe, use the bathroom and complete self-care skills themselves 

 with limited assistance (helping with tying shoes, prompting with basic self-care needs, picking out

 clothes is fine) 

·       They possess independent communication skills (e.g. verbal, signed, or AAC)

·       They display behaviors that allow them to function in a group setting that does not affect other group

        members  (e.g. aggression, displays of defiant behavior, running away)

·       They do not have medical needs that requires a nurse for constant supervision (e.g. one on one 

  nurse). We only have 1 nurse for 25 campers, thus we cannot provide one on one nursing care. 

·       Parents must disclose ALL necessary information that will allow us to provide a safe environment for 

the child’s week at Camp EXSIGHTING Adventures. All medical information, including medications 

must be provided prior to camp or the youth will not be allowed to attend. 

·       They have independent mobility skills to ambulating a 1/2 mile daily with support or orientation and 

        mobility instruction around the camp

Camp EXSIGHTING Adventures and our Board of Directors has the right to accept/decline registration of youth based on our own discretion. Our Board of Directors considers information provided in the online application, as well as input provided by service providers, Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, and/or parents. If a camper’s registration is declined, a full refund is provided to the parents/guardians. 

Cost and Registration

Cost Per Camper: $1,000 for the entire week

Full Scholarships for NH Residents 

Campers in need can apply for scholarships to attend at a reduced cost/no cost based on available funding. Campers can also reach out to their local Lions Club, Rotary Club, or Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind to inquire about sponsoring them to attend camp. Upon request,  inforamtion about local nonprofit organizations in your state will be provided to families.  

Cost Per Counselor in Training (CIT) or Leader in Training (LIT): $1,500 for the entire week

 CITs will receive a $350 work stipend and LITs will receive a $250 work stipend. 

Based on input provided by each camper's TVI and/or O&M, Camp EXSIGHTING Adventures will determine if a camper will be a CIT or LIT. 

young girl wearing glasses and holding a cane while standing in the woods
camper wearing a helmet horsback riding
camper wearing a helmet and harness climbing a rock wall