Camp EXSIGHTING Adventures

A one week residential camp for youth  9 - 17 years of age  with visual impairments from Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts,, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. 

collage with 8 pictures: boy camper wearing a blindfold, elbow and knee pads throwing a goalball, campers sitting around a picnic table making origami,  boy camper wearing glasses touching a Code Jumper pod, girl camper smiling  whiling spinning a ball of string from goalball court over her head, group of campers and staff wearing helmets and climbing harnesses, camper walking toward an archy bullseye, camper climbing a climbing wall, female campers smiling and hugging a counselor

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization who supports youth with visual impairments by providing a one-week residential camp in New Hampshire. We passionately believe camp is a valuable opportunity to have fun, foster independence, build skills, confidence, and lifelong friendships.

young girl wearing glasses and a pink sweatsuit running throw a field with soccer balls

Camp Dates

                          July 7th - 13th,  2024

young girl wearing glasses looking at a video magnifier screen with her teacher in a classroom
girl camper wearing a blindfold, elbow and knee pads, reaching for goalball on the gym floor