Camp Dates

July 7th - 13th 2024

Camp Location

Lions Camp Pride 

154 Camp Pride Way

New Durham, NH

Camp Activities

Expanded Core Curriculum Skills

Tyler Merren wearing. harness climbing a climbing wall
Tyler Merren wearing his USA uniform and holding a goal ball

We are excited to share that Tyler Merren, paralympic athlete and athletic trainer, and Leanne, his wife, will be leading adaptive sports and team-building activities throughout camp.

Family Camp Night

   July 12th - 13th 2024

Our staff and CITs will support all campers and families. However, we can't  make this opportunity possible unless parents and/or guardians can support their own child's individual needs (e.g. self care).

Cost: TBD

If needed, we are happy to work with families and a local nonprofit in their area to assist with fundraising and/or potentially sponsoring your family to attend. 

camper touching tactile sign of an eye with camp name in print and braille
younger girl wearing a raincoat and boots walking in the woods with a white cane
parent and two children completing crafts

Our Story

My name is Andrea Bilello. I am an itinerant Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments and a

Certified Assistive Technology Instructional Specialist who teaches students in New Hampshire.

My family and friends  started Camp EXSIGHTING Adventures, a nonprofit camp for

students with visual impairments in all England States. The

majority of our Board is composed of blind and visually impaired individuals. Our camp’s goal

is to provide students with visual impairments ages 9 - 17 opportunities to have fun, develop

independence, confidence, and lifelong friendships. Our second year, we will have a one-week

residential camp for 25 youth in NH. Many of the volunteers and staff are blind or

have visual impairments themselves. We want to collaborate with individuals and organizations

to fundraise and sponsor youth to attend camp.

female counselor wearing a hat and sunglasses, holding a cane, kneeling next to a guide dog
a girl and a boy camper making crafts at a table
male counselor wearing glasses playing a guitar
teen camper swimming in a lake

Our Mission

We support youth with visual impairments by providing a one-week residential camp in New

Hampshire. We passionately believe camp is a valuable opportunity to have fun, foster

independence, build skills, confidence, and lifelong friendships.